07.22.13 OSCON 5k Glow Run

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Multiple chip reads occur for each tag as it enters the energized field. For those starting in the second start wave, gun time deducts approx. 3 minutes 43 seconds (length of time between starts).  Below is an explanation of how to under stand the raw chip data. “Participant to Bib#” file includes bib number, name, gender, age.

Example: Tag with an ID = 580011223344 is read at 14:05:20.39 on 2006-12-30 the date packet received from the reader would be:


where xx is the calculated LRC.

Byte Description Info
0 Header character 1 Frame header, ‘a’
1 Header character 2 Frame header, ‘a’
2-3 Reader ID 0-255 in ASCII hex
4-15 Tag ID MS digit first, excluding CRC
16-19 I and Q channel counter Binary counters 0-255 in ASCII hex
20-33 Date/Time Date and time with 10ms resolution. 390ms/10=39-”27″ (27= 0×32 + 0×37) and the month 12 is 0×31 + 0×32.
34-35 LRC Checksum on bytes 2 to 33
36-37 End of packet (CR,LF) 0x0d, 0x0a
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