07.17.12 OSCON Couch to Quantified 5k

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Multiple chip reads occur for each tag as it enters the energized field. For those with a gun time approx. 15 minutes greater than the chip time will be adjusted.  These participants started in the second wave of runners.  Please post comments and ideas of how the data can be used.  Below is an explanation of how to under stand the raw chip data. “Participant to Bib#” file includes bib number, name, gender, age.

Example: Tag with an ID = 580011223344 is read at 14:05:20.39 on 2006-12-30 the date packet received from the reader would be:


where xx is the calculated LRC.

Byte Description Info
0 Header character 1 Frame header, ‘a’
1 Header character 2 Frame header, ‘a’
2-3 Reader ID 0-255 in ASCII hex
4-15 Tag ID MS digit first, excluding CRC
16-19 I and Q channel counter Binary counters 0-255 in ASCII hex
20-33 Date/Time Date and time with 10ms resolution. 390ms/10=39-“27” (27= 0x32 + 0x37) and the month 12 is 0x31 + 0x32.
34-35 LRC Checksum on bytes 2 to 33
36-37 End of packet (CR,LF) 0x0d, 0x0a
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